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Описание: Xenex LLC — это онлайн-обменник электронных валют. Мы разработали платформу с учетом безопасности gользователей и безопасной обработки транзакций.

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Manuel f*************[email protected]
15:34 04.12.23

I made a transaction for the first time in this exchanger on June 20, 2022. Everything was fast and perfect. Then I had 36 transactions, I even mixed up ETH-20 with TRC-20, and they helped me online in 2 clicks. And everything was cool. But transaction 35 was blocked, and I wrote in the chat and got help in 2 clicks. But the transaction on November 30, 2022 just killed me. I made an operation for 0.219871 (8287.254366 Tether TRC20 USDT) and it was blocked. I thought that everything was always cool, I’ll write to the support team. But the ports had already started, and we had to wait until the next day. The next day I was told that I would not receive my funds, and that I needed to take a selfie with my passport, a selfie with the inscription of their organization, as well as my documents and confirm 3 transactions 2023-02-14, 2022-12-23, 2022-06 -14, or I will not receive my funds. I barely found these transactions in my profile, since I haven’t used the blockchain for a long time. And I sent them screenshots that it was I who performed these operations. And they went further, began to ask who and where and how and why. I don’t remember who and when, because a year or more has passed! They don’t respond to my requests to return the money, they say that they are checking. Although for this transaction of 8300 USDT they did not ask me for anything. I can reset all the data from the payment from the bank to the transfer to them. But they don’t care, they made up a story about old transactions, and don’t want to return the funds to me. It seems to me that something has changed with their management, or something else. It’s better not to provoke fate, and find another exchange. Because this one is just stealing money. They simply blocked this money and found 1000 reasons not to return it.

Lybov i*************[email protected]
22:23 03.03.23

Delayed transfer for reasons unknown to me. I sent funds (more than 10k). At Friday lunch they sent me to support, although it does not work in the evening. How should I speak with them about my money if they not online??? Sat – Sun free time. Ok, then listen: This exchanged will waste your time in 9/10 times. Find another one.

Таня l*********[email protected]
11:57 16.08.21

за 20 мин все пришло, спасибо

Саня h*********[email protected]
14:55 26.07.21

Деньги приходят быстро, на качество не влияет, работают на автомате

Елена e*************[email protected]
11:51 23.07.21

Очень хороший обменник. Пользовалась не один раз.

Илья j****************[email protected]
17:32 20.07.21

Очень быстрый обмен. Буквально в течение минуты. Благодарю.

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